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Vanguard Blog – Rubber Sealing for Naval Electronics

Vanguard – Rubber Sealing for Naval ElectronicsAmong many things to be proud of about our state, Connecticut serves as home to some of the largest maritime defense bases and manufacturers in the United States. While there are many bases from which U.S. subs operate, the Naval Submarine Base at New London has been given the simple and telling moniker, “Home of the Submarine Force.”  We are proud to also be home to the Coast Guard Academy, and a number of hi-tech submarine and marine equipment manufacturers supporting the defense of our nation on the open seas.  Being a Connecticut company ourselves, and being that we manufacture a full range of sealing and shielding products for maritime applications, we thought it might be a good time  to talk about the perils of shipboard galvanic action, and how Vanguard shielding products help prevent galvanic action from occurring.

Galvanic action, in essence, is a process where combinations of materials essentially become batteries due to contact between electrochemically dissimilar metals. When this happens, a conductive path is made by which electrons and ions move from one metal to the next.  During the process, the material from which the electrons and ions are moving becomes “sacrificial”—physically losing material until degrading to the point of failure.  In practice, “galvanic action” can occur between the highly conductive EMI shielding gasket and the metal enclosure, and usually causes the electronic enclosure (typically made of aluminum or steel) to corrode and degrade to the point where the structural integrity, especially from a sealing standpoint, is literally eroded.  The process is initiated and accelerated through the presence of an electrolyte.  In the case of maritime applications, the electrolyte is abundant—salt water or salt fog in the air.  Since maritime US forces are equipped with some of the most advanced, sensitive electronics known to man, and given that seawater is abundant, it becomes obvious why there’s a need to guard against galvanic action in naval electronics systems.

Vanguard’s Ultra-Vanshield and Microbridge dual function EMI shielding gaskets reduce the galvanic potential by reducing the exposure of the dissimilar metals to the electrolyte.  This, combined with the appropriate selection of conductive material from our extensive conductive materials options, can virtually eliminate the potential for galvanic action between the shielding gasket and the enclosure on which it is installed.  Whether extruded or molded, our gaskets and rubber sealants have been proven seaworthy time and again aboard seafaring vessels. Whether you make your way on a Nimitz-class carrier, a Los Angeles-class attack sub, or a munitions supply ship, you can depend on Vanguard to safeguard your electronic operations systems from the wind, weather, and brine you encounter every moment. For more information on our customized and standard electronics protection solutions for naval applications, call us today or email us at Vanguard Products.

EMI Shielding Gaskets and Vanguard

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At Vanguard, we know a thing or two about EMI shielding and conductive gaskets. Customers from around the world come to us not only because they’ve learned how no one does EMI shielding quite as well as Vanguard, but because our shielding gaskets can be cost-effectively customized to your exacting requirements. Sizes range from 0.010 in cross section to 3”. In addition, we also offer custom finishing services that include PSA application, cutting, bonding, and a wide variety of other secondary operations. Some of the biggest names in telecom, computers, high-speed electronics, automotive control systems, military electronics, and avionics wouldn’t think of trusting anyone other than Vanguard with their EMI shielding and conductive gasket needs.

We pride ourselves on the fact so that so many of our customers are long-term clients. It boils down to trust in our quality, selection, and 45 years of expertise.  Vanguard can offer you high precision, not to mention cost effective production in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. We employ only the best grade silicone, fluorosilicone, and EPDM available to create your EMI shielding gaskets. Perhaps most importantly of all, you know you’re getting the best because everything we make is made in the USA. No off-shoring, no outsourcing: you get EMI Shielding gaskets that are 100% Made in America.

If want to learn more about our broad range of standard EMI Shielding gaskets and Conductive gaskets, visit our website or contact one of Vanguard’s experts today.