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  1. Solar Power Systems Found to Emit Harmful EMI

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    Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can disrupt many types of electronic devices and equipment we use to communicate. For this reason, it’s important to limit EMI as much as possible and to contain it by using EMI shielding products. EMI can come from cordless phones, fluorescent lights, television sets, electric tools, computers, cell phones, and more. Digital devices such as power circuits, especially those that convert DC current into AC current, can also emit EMI.


    In the Netherlands, VERON (the Netherlands national Amateur Radio society) has had many problems with EMI being emitted from residential solar panels. Although there are regulations regarding solar panels in the European Union (EU), only about 33 percent of solar installations met the regulations during 2014. These emissions cause strong interference which can cover a large range of VERON’s spectrum.


    There are four main ways to reduce noise from EMI: shielding, filtering, cancellation, and suppression. Filtering, cancellation, and suppression are most often addressed by dealing with EMI that is carried into the system through cables and wiring.  Filtering can be used by putting capacitors across signal lines or wiring them to the ground. Cancellation is simply twisting wire pairs which in effect means the wire noises will cancel each other out. Suppression is oftentimes the most effective way of lowering EMI in cables and wiring. It works by molding ceramic into the shape or size needed which allow the EMI to be converted to heat into a core made of ferrite. Once this happens the EMI begins to dissipate.


    EMI shielding can be achieved by construction of a metal Faraday cage around the electronics.  In order to allow for access to the electronics within the Faraday cage, conductive gaskets are most often used at the seams and access points, and this is where Vanguard’s Ultra-Vanshield EMI gaskets can provide a unique dual function solution for both weather and EMI shielding.  Their unique construction and materials perform in extreme cold and heat, and are mechanically forgiving.


    At Vanguard, we manufacture shielding products which are designed to protect sensitive electronic systems. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility and our custom fabricated line can be used for all types of telecom base stations, computers, high speed electronics, automotive control systems, avionics, solar systems, and more. We are able to customize products for our customers worldwide at a reasonable cost. Shielding products range in size from 0.010 to 3” in cross section. We also offer a wide range of finishing services.


    To learn more about Vanguard and our products, we invite you to read our blog, follow us on Twitter, and connect with us on LinkedIn. To find out how we can help shield your products, we invite you to speak to a representative about your needs.

  2. Protecting Advanced Law Enforcement Equipment

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    Today’s law enforcement agencies make use of a variety of high-tech equipment on a day-to-day basis. In addition to the well-known equipment officers carry, they also make use of electrical devices such as body cameras, breathalyzers, communications equipment, emergency respirators, and thermal imaging cameras, among many others.


    In critical law enforcement scenarios, this electrical equipment must meet two main requirements. First, it must be rugged and safe for use in all types of weather conditions and challenging situational environments. Second, it needs to be protected from potential disturbances, such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), to ensure proper functioning at all times.


    Understanding EMI

    The electromagnetic spectrum — the collective term for the range and scope of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and their associated wavelengths — ranges from gamma radiation, which has the shortest photon wavelengths, to radio waves, which have the longest wavelengths, with visible and infrared light in the middle. EMI occurs when any of these waves interfere with the functioning of a piece of equipment; RFI is also classified as a type of EMI, wherein only waves within the radio wave frequencies cause the interference.


    EMI can be caused by a number of sources, both natural and manmade. Natural sources include fluctuations in the earth’s natural magnetic field, lightning, and solar magnetic storms; manmade sources include interference from computer circuitry, arc welders, and certain types of electric motors. On a larger scale, transportation infrastructure — like the high-voltage contact switching and third rails required on many subways and railways — can also generate EMI.


    For law enforcement workers, EMI can have serious, even life-threatening effects. For instance, it can garble radio communications, which can be disastrous if an officer is radioing for backup. EMI can also cause infrared camera malfunctioning, which can hamper tracking efforts, as well as body cam interference, which can result in fuzzy or distorted footage.


    EMI Shielding Solutions From Vanguard

    With over 40 years of experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing elastomeric products, Vanguard Products Corp. is proud to specialize in EMI shielding solutions, helping to ensure optimal performance of law enforcement equipment — and optimal safety for law enforcement workers.


    Made of the highest-quality silicone and fluorosilicone, our EMI shielding gaskets come standard in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and can also be custom designed for special applications and requirements.


    Many of our EMI shielding gaskets meet stringent MIL-DTL-83528 military specifications. Vanguard is a registered manufacturer with the United States Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, Compliance and Registration Division, in accordance with the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Part 122, so you can rest assured that all our EMI shielding gaskets will perform reliably.


    To learn more about EMI shielding gaskets , our material options, quality assurance processes, and custom design capabilities, contact the team today.

  3. We’re Hitting the Road – Past and Future Trade Show Success

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    As a manufacturer, there’s a lot more to being successful than simply producing quality products. Of course that’s a huge aspect of it, but it’s not everything.

    In order to be truly successful and provide the most value to your customers, it’s critical to get out there, interact with your industry peers, and constantly learn about the latest technology and trends. This is how a manufacturer grows and evolves.

    One of the best ways to do this is by regularly attending and taking part in industry trade shows. These trade shows allow attendees and exhibitors to showcase their products, connect with current and potential clients, attend educational seminars, and learn about the direction of their industry. They’re invaluable.

    At Vanguard, we place great importance on these shows. Take, for instance, the EMC Europe 2014 conference, September 1-4 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here, at the “leading EMC Symposium in Europe,” we worked closely with EG Electronics, our Scandinavian distributor, to exhibit our EMI shielding products to thousands of attendees, while learning much about the industry in the process.

    Next, on October 29-31, we’ll be taking our EMI line to Shanghai for EMC/China 2014. At “the largest EMC/EMI/Certification/Safety exhibition China,” formally known as the China International Conference & Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility, we will team up with EG Electronics-Shanghai, our Chinese distributor. Over 4,500 attendees will have the opportunity to view our EMI shielding products, and we are sure it will be a great success.

    Of course much of the success of both events is due to the scope and prestige of the shows themselves. However, we’re proud to know that a great part of the success lies in the products. Our EMI Shielding Gaskets and Conductive Gaskets are counted on worldwide for their virtually limitless applications and custom configurations. Clients in electronics, avionics, telecommunications, the military, automation, computers, and more rely on the advantages of Ultra-Vanshield protection.

    Their myriad advantages range from lower compression force, ease of use, and weather and environmental sealing, to better aging and overall resistance, and much more. We’re excited to introduce them to more international customers, and in general, excited to continue to reap the benefits of trade show exhibiting.