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  1. Providing for the Public Safety: Elastomeric Seals and Shielding

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    At Vanguard, we serve a variety of industries with our expertise in elastomeric goods.  One industry we are particularly proud to be a part of is different applications of products for public safety.  For places where dependable and durable elastomers and reliable sealing are necessary, our products are one of the tools that these customers use to design their highest levels and keep people safe.

    For instance, rescue workers including fire rescue, ambulance drivers, and EMTs utilize some of our products in the seals around the doors of fire trucks and ambulances to provide seals that ensure that their critical equipment are protected from the extreme environment at a fire or emergency scene.  Similarly, military aircraft and ground vehicles have stringent sealing specifications and standards for the extreme conditions involved in warfare and flight, and our specialty elastomer and shielding gaskets are often used to meet these requirements.

    Additionally, our customers use our EMI and weather seals to supply law enforcement workers with infrared cameras for security.  Airport screening devices use our seals and shielding to protect the sensitive electronics that detect threats coming into our country.  For any electronic monitoring devices, the need for shielding and sealing is great in order to ensure that the electronics work flawlessly and dependably in even the most strenuous conditions.

    One other application of our silicone related to public safety is in the breathalyzer and monitoring systems that keep drunk drivers off our streets.  The sanitary specifications on the silicone used in those applications is high, and the safety of our streets is something we’re glad to be a part of.

    Not every company can say that their products assist in the effort of maintaining safety to the public and to those who serve our country, and we at Vanguard are proud that we can produce the quality of products that are entrusted to secure our safety.

  2. The Implications of Air Quality

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    Air quality is a widely used metric in a variety of portions of our lives. Its composition, particulates, and purity are all of concern for several applications – weather services regularly measure the air in a variety of ways to gather information about our atmospheric conditions and pollution levels; hospitals monitor the quality of the air in patient rooms and “clean rooms”; manufacturing floors for the semiconductor industry are stringently measured for air quality concerns. Even something as inconspicuous as the makeup of the air we breathe can have significant implications for these and other industries.

    The measurement process is a complicated procedure, and the accuracy of the measurements is crucial for a successful and useful end result. One problem that often occurs is that, for a number of reasons, the sampling tubing used can cause buildups on the walls of the tubing of the very particulates that are being measured. This can cause some wildly inaccurate readings of air quality, as the ratio of particulate to the volume of air sampled is a critical factor in these readings.

    At Vanguard, we have developed some special silicone materials that help in getting accurate readings when used as part of the sampling mechanism, such as in the sampling tubing. These silicone materials have special additives in them to combat the buildup of particulate on the sampling walls through phenomenon such as static buildup. Further, these compounds are made from materials that will not add chemicals or particulate to the airstream, leading to extraordinarily accurate readings.

    While it’s easy to ignore the air around us, knowing its properties and being able to regulate them affords us some pretty amazing things – the manufacture of semiconductors in your smartphone, the accuracy of information on your local weather channel, and the preservation of many old or brittle artifacts in museums, to name a few. At Vanguard, we breathe easy knowing we provide one solution in the process for air quality measurement, and have a hand in its many expansive applications.