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Hoping to See You in Philly at MD&M East!

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md&m east

As most of those reading this blog will already know, MD&M is the premiere conference and get-together for those in the medical device industry, whether they’re manufacturers, distributors, or end-users. The MD&M East Show taking place from May 21 – 24 in Philadelphia should prove no exception. The leading authorities in every possible medical manufacturing field – from cleanroom and sterilization, to medical grade materials, to electronic components and subassemblies, to motors, pumps, and motion control devices – will be strutting their latest products and findings at the Philadelphia Convention Center, located at 1101 Arch Street. In addition, 16 full-day conference programs will be offered to those who wish to attend them. Important discussion topics will include process validation, medical polymers, product development process, compliance, product lifecycle management, and global quality. Visitors can customize their own experience of these various topics by moving from one conference room to another.Being at the forefront of the medical manufacturing revolution (medical manufacturing itself being at the forefront of the new American “manufacturing renaissance”), Vanguard Products  will be looking, as always, for new clients and partnerships with others interested in making OEM medical devices of the first caliber. With our ability to provide both rubber extrusions and customized moldings, along with our intensive familiarity in EMI/RFI shielding gaskets, conductive gaskets, and silicone materials, we hope to impart our knowledge and services to those who are most looking to use them. We look forward to meeting with you at the Convention itself, as well as the possibility of exploring Philadelphia together in the hours between presentations and exhibitions.

Vanguard Takes the Lead in Designing N/B/C-Resistant Shielding

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vanguard emi shielding gasketsWhen given the acronym “NBC,” most Americans might be forgiven for flashing instantly to the media conglomerate that broadcasts hit shows such as “30 Rock” and the “NBC Nightly News.” But those who are in a certain line of work know an additional meaning for the acronym: “nuclear-biological-chemical.” Defense manufacturers and service-members alike realize the importance of having equipment that is resistant to the deadliest hazards of the modern battlefield.

EMI shielding is a must for military electronics in general, and insuring that the EMI shielding will perform its job in even the harshest (and most unfortunate) circumstances is one of the necessities of 21stcentury warfare. If, Heaven forbid, a tactical nuclear device were actually to be used against American forces, there would be the need for EMI shielding gasketsthat are not only proof against the blast radiation itself, but are also resistant to the powerful cleaning agents used on vehicles and equipment that have been subjected to that level of aggression.

Vanguard Products is fully capable of manufacturing such N/B/C-resistant EMI shielding gaskets. We account for everything from biological warfare to jet fuel spillage when we design our ITAR-certified custom shielding. The fact is our troops go into battle with some of the most advanced technology the world has ever seen, and that technology comes with highly specific requirements for remaining effective in the worst of conditions.