Vanguard Products Corporation is a full service manufacturing and engineering company providing industry with the highest precision elastomeric fabricated goods available. Our products are manufactured in the USA in our ISO9001:2015 facility. We offer a full spectrum of extruded and molded gaskets, seals, and tubing, both standard and customized. Additionally, we continue to provide responsive specialty, custom rubber product design, development and manufacturing services.

Our focus is on engineered high-performance thermoset elastomers, such as silicone, fluorosilicone, fluorocarbon (Viton®, Fluorel®, etc.), EPDM, nitrile, and Chloroprene (Neoprene®) in multiple durometer hardnesses and even sponge in varying densities. We begin with in-house custom compound development paying close attention to your individual requirements of physical properties, finished part quality, and cost parameters. These compounds can even be made electrically or thermally conductive or insulative for your specific application. If needed, we will design the seal or gasket for you or work with your current designs. We then fabricate your extruded or molded article to the most exacting tolerances.

Knowing that our customers’ needs are geared frequently towards customization, we offer a full service assembly operation that will finish elastomeric parts into higher order constructions. Our capabilities include precision cutting of extrusions to best industry standards; splicing of o-rings, profile extrusions and mitre-cut frame gaskets; assembly of weatherstripping; customized bagging and packaging; and many others. Challenge us with your need to solve a problem!

With fifty plus years of history in the silicones and specialty elastomers arena, Vanguard is your choice for top quality, competitively priced gaskets, seals, hose, and other rubbery fabricated goods. We look forward to providing you with timely, courteous, and competent service with regard to your requirements in elastomers. Our focus is on your evolving needs.