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The Advantages of Electromagnetic Shielding, Including Silicone EMI Shielding Gaskets, in Electric Vehicles

By:  Merima Trako, Program Manager, Shielding And Thermal Composites, Vanguard Products Corporation Electric vehicles (EVs) are shaping transportation’s future. One crucial aspect that deserves attention is electromagnetic shielding of the electrical systems within EVs. This may mean including silicone EMI shielding gaskets in the critical design areas. This sophisticated shielding technique, specifically with high-temperature and […]

Vanguard Products To Exhibit At IME/MDM West/Pacific Design, 2/7-2/9/2023, Anaheim, CA

Join us as we are excited to exhibit in person again! Attend as our guest About Vanguard Products Corp. Engineered Elastomer Tubing, Extrusions, Molding, and EMI Shielding Gaskets I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be participating at IME West February 7 – 9. Booth #3362   Informa Markets Engineering West (IME West), home to MD&M […]

Advantages of Silicone for Rubber Products

Silicone is a highly favored material due to its durability, versatility, and biocompatibility. These properties make silicone among the most commonly used across a range of industries. At Vanguard Products, we use silicone for tubing, O-rings, and extruded products.  Benefits of Silicone Rubber  There are several key advantages of using silicone rubber materials for various […]

Why EMI Shielding Techniques Are Important for Smart Car Vehicles

Electromagnetic shielding has become a must-consider manufacturing aspect for modern vehicles, particularly those with self-driving functionality. Electromagnetic interference or EMI shields aim to ensure electromagnetic immunity and protect electronic equipment in the vehicle from interference. Without shielding, electric vehicles and smart cars are more likely to incur malfunction of the components and experience equipment errors […]

What Is EMI Shielding?

Electronic devices and some natural weather phenomena release fields of electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can disrupt the devices’ ability to function. Governments place limits on how much EMI a device can emit or receive because EMI can cause problems like signal strength loss and malfunctions. EMI shielding is necessary to reduce or eliminate this interference […]

EPDM vs. Silicone Rubber

Rubber is a highly versatile material. It can be manufactured into many parts and products, from O-rings and gaskets to tubes and profiles. It is also available in numerous variations, each of which exhibits unique characteristics that make it suitable for particular applications. Two of the most commonly used rubbers are EPDM and silicone. While […]

What Is EMI-RFI Shielding?

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) are common challenges for electronics manufacturers in an increasingly electronic world. EMI and RFI shielding gaskets are used in electronic devices to help shield sensitive components from outside electromagnetic and radio waves by helping to create a Faraday cage around the components. This ensures that the equipment […]

Vanguard Products Corporation Announces Additions To Field Applications Support

Vanguard Products Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of two organizations to provide valuable technical and commercial support for its Ultra-Vanshield and General Rubber Goods Divisions.   In Eastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, we are proud to add Strategic Sales Group, 333 Bishops Way, Brookfield, WI 53005-6226, Phone 414-333-3035, website:, email:  Strategic […]

Vanguard To Present At October Meeting Of Golden Gate Polymer Forum

Vanguard will be presenting at the October meeting of the Golden Gate Polymer Forum as part of their 2 part series on the implications of 5G for polymeric materials needs on October 14, 6:30 PM Pacific Time. The discussion will cover Thermally Integrated EMI Shielding Materials, Systems and Approaches for Optimal Performance To Register For […]