EPDM Elastomers / Profiles / Tubing

  • High Precision Cost Efficient Production in ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facility
  • Custom Compound Formulation for Precise Engineered Performance and Optimized Cost
  • In-House Economical Secondary Operations such as Cutting, Bonding, and O-Ring Fabrication
  • Multi-Lumen and Tight Tolerance Production for Optimal Cost
  • Manufacturer and Complete One Stop Shop for Extrusions in Engineering Elastomers with Extensive Application Engineering Support

Capabilities and Ranges for EPDM Elastomers / Profiles / Tubing

  • Single, Coextrusion, and Tri-Extrusion capability
  • Multi-Lumen Extrusion
  • Multiple Durometer/Hardness
  • Multiple Material/Color Extrusion
  • Insert Extrusion
  • 0.040″ to 3″ Plus
  • Custom Formulation for Mechanical Properties, Chemical Resistance, and Temperature Resistance; and Color Matching
  • Die Cutting
  • Adhesive Application
  • Cutting
  • Bonding
  • Frame & O-Ring Fabrication
  • Special Put-Ups
  • Special Packaging
  • PSA Application

Typical Applications for EPDM Elastomers / Profiles / Tubing

Vanguard’s custom EPDM Elastomers / profiles are used in many applications and industries throughout the world. Vanguard has vast experience in designing and manufacturing for virtually any requirement including:

  • Tubing
  • Military NBC Seals, Gaskets And Tubing
  • Washers And Seals For Electronics And Electrical Equipment
  • Architectural And Window Seals
  • Electrical Connector Seals
  • Condensate Tubing For HVAC Equipment
  • Outdoor Electrical Enclosures Seal
  • Dry Cleaning Equipment Tubing
  • Silos And Storage Tank Seals And Tubing
  • Medical Equipment Seals And Tubing
  • Bumpers
  • Plastic Case Seals

Materials for EPDM Elastomers / Profiles / Tubing

Vanguard utilizes various EPDM elastomers to manufacture custom profiles to function in an extensive range of applications, industries and specific environments. If you are not sure which material is best for you application, please contact one of our application specialists today to assist you or try our material configurator.


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Food Grade

  • Consistent with FDA Regulation 21CFR177.2600 for Food Contact
  • Industrial

Closed Cell Sponge


  • 50-90 Shore A Durometer

MIL Spec

  • NBC Compliant
  • ASTMD2000 AA,
    BA, And CA

Industrial Dense

  • 50-90 Shore A Durometer

We specialize in applications assistance to identify alternative production approaches to save cost