Sealing Solutions for Winter Weather

If you’re like most people, once Thanksgiving hits, we know that the winter months are finally here, and the need for “winterizing” the house heads to the top of the to-do.  Hopefully you’ve already taken some preliminary steps to save on energy and heating bills, and make your home cozy for the colder months.  One of the biggest things among the myriad of lists recounting winterizing tips is to ensure your windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent leaks.  Old windows and ill-fitting doors are notorious for driving up energy bills in the winter because of their failure to efficiently insulate their openings.

Higher end windows and doors use a variety of different techniques and materials to improve this insulation – double-paned windows, advanced materials, and other technologies are advancing window technology and energy efficiency.  One of the most important factors is the quality of the seal around the frame – you can have the best coated double or triple-paned window, but if it doesn’t have a good seal, it’s ineffective.

Vanguard has been working with the better window and door manufacturers for years in fighting this “Battle of the Draft.”  At Vanguard, we know seals.  Our materials, engineering capability, and manufacturing flexibility position us favorably to provide our OEM customers with exactly the type of sealing solution that fits their needs.  We have developed numerous cost effective silicone sealing approaches that ensure low compression set/low compression force sealing, and enhanced thermally insulating silicone compounds.

Whether to keep the warm inside your home, or the rain out of an outdoor electrical enclosure, Vanguard has the right combination of experience and expertise to solve your sealing problems.  Contact us today to talk to our experts about the right fit for your needs – and stay warm!

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