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What Is EMI-RFI Shielding?

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) are common challenges for electronics manufacturers in an increasingly electronic world. EMI and RFI shielding gaskets are used in electronic devices to help shield sensitive components from outside electromagnetic and radio waves by helping to create a Faraday cage around the components. This ensures that the equipment works as intended. While EMI shielding was previously most commonly used for communication and military equipment, the increased ambient EMI radiation has made shielding critical for more electronics.

To prevent interference, it is important to choose the right EMI and RFI protection. EMI shielding gaskets are specifically designed to create a conductive path for electrical current between two surfaces within an electronic array helping to form a complete Faraday cage. This helps to ensure that the equipment’s conductivity is dependable while preventing the intrusion of EMI radiation. There is a wide range of EMI and RFI shielding materials and designs, each of which offers unique benefits for particular applications. Vanguard is a leading provider of custom engineered and manufactured EMI and RFI shielding gaskets for a broad range of industries.

Manufacturing Processes for EMI Shielding

MANUFACTURING PROCESSES FOR EMI SHIELDING EMI/RFI shielding gaskets are manufactured using a variety of manufacturing processes, depending on the material, shape, size, and intended application of the gasket. The most common manufacturing processes used to fabricate shielding gaskets include:


Die-cutting creates gaskets from a substrate material using a press and pre-cut die tool. The material is placed on top of a metal die that exhibits the desired shape. A press is lowered onto the material, pressing it into the sharp edge of the die, and creating a clean, precise cut of the desired shape. This method is quick and repeatable with minimal tooling required.  However, there is a high degree of waste.

Molded Shielding Gasket

The molding process uses pre-fabricated molds and uncured elastomers to create a variety of components. The uncured elastomer is forced under pressure into a mold and then heated under pressure to initiate the cross-linking and curing of the elastomer. Once the material has cured, the part is ejected and the mold can be used to create more of the same. This process is ideal for complex components with multiple cross-sections, and it produces parts within tight tolerances. It also uses less material than other manufacturing processes, which makes it perfect for gaskets made from expensive specialty materials.

Extruded Shielding Gasket

Extrusion involves forcing an uncured elastomer through a tool with the desired shape. The extruded material forms a long, continuous piece that is then cut at the desired length. The resultant part is long, with a consistent shape along the entire length of the component. Shielding gaskets made using extrusion are typically used to seal grooves and flanges. Extrusion is quite often the ideal process for high volume parts.

Form-in-Place Gaskets

Form-in-Place (FIP) gaskets consist of a single line of conductive silicone applied directly to the surface of the equipment. FIP gaskets tend to take up less space and do not require molding, die-cutting, or other processes to create a reliable EMI shield that fits closely within compact designs. It is, however, fairly expensive with limited mechanical elastic properties.

Get More Information on EMI/RFI Shielding

Vanguard Products is a preeminent provider of quality EMI/RFI shielding gaskets for a wide range of applications and industries. Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers will work closely with you to determine the particular needs of your application. With a thorough analysis of your system, we can provide the perfect gasket design and material for superior performance, extended service life, and minimal equipment downtime. 

No matter how complex your application, we have the equipment and skill to produce the perfect gasket for your needs. To learn more about our EMI shielding gaskets, or for assistance with selecting the right gasket for your application, contact us or request a video consultation today.

Vanguard Products Corporation Announces Additions To Field Applications Support

Vanguard Products Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of two organizations to provide valuable technical and commercial support for its Ultra-Vanshield and General Rubber Goods Divisions.


In Eastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, we are proud to add Strategic Sales Group, 333 Bishops Way, Brookfield, WI 53005-6226, Phone 414-333-3035, website:, email:  Strategic Sales Group brings over 25 years of experience in the marketing and applications support of mechanical rubber and metals products to our extensive support network.


In Utah, Nevada, Montana, and Idaho, we are pleased to welcome Rich Baraki to our Marketing Technologies team, supporting the applications and sales of our Shielding and Thermal Composites product line.  Rich is located in Salt Lake City and has an extensive background in chemical engineering and technical sales, sales management, engineering, and project management.  Marketing Technologies’ website can be located at


We are looking forward to advancing our sales and customer support efforts in these two areas.

Vanguard To Present At October Meeting Of Golden Gate Polymer Forum

Vanguard will be presenting at the October meeting of the Golden Gate Polymer Forum as part of their 2 part series on the implications of 5G for polymeric materials needs on October 14, 6:30 PM Pacific Time. The discussion will cover Thermally Integrated EMI Shielding Materials, Systems and Approaches for Optimal Performance

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Vanguard Electronica Plans Put On Hold


Due to the continuing Coronavirus Pandemic and travel restrictions into Germany and the EU, the USA Pavilion has been cancelled for this year, and current plans for Electronica 2020 are unclear.  Check back later for further details.

Spring Is Coming

The groundhog told us this weekend that Spring is just around the corner, and with that one’s thoughts turn to………SYRUP!

In our area of the country, you’ll start to see buckets hanging from trees and tubing zig-zagging through the woods in hope of collecting that precious nectar from the sugar maples.  This process takes a lot of work along with miles (and miles and miles) of tubing, just to extract a small amount of finished maple syrup for our pancakes and waffles.  If you are interested in getting involved in this as a hobby, some good resources are located at and


Vanguard silicone tubing can be used in many places throughout the collection and processing of maple sap into maple syrup.  Silicone provides a high level of resistance to weathering and UV radiation.  It also will not leach harmful plasticizers into the sap running through the tubing.  Vanguard’s food grade silicone products are consistent with FDA and NSF requirements for food contact applications, and, because they are silicone, will not support mold growth in the bore.  Further, they maintain their flexibility in temperatures down to -60F or lower, and can handle temperatures as high as 400F+, so they are ideal for applications in the sugaring process from collection, right on to low pressure transfer during the evaporation process.

More information on our food grade tubing offerings is available at



We will be exhibiting in booth 3496 of the 2020 Pacific Design & Manufacturing/MDM West Show, 2/11/20 through 2/13/20 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA.  Come visit us to see the latest in elastomeric technology.

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We will be exhibiting in the USA Pavilion at the 2020 Electronica, 11/10/20 through 11/13/20 at Messe Munchen, Munich, Germany.  Stay tuned for further details

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Precision engineered elastomeric component and EMI/RFI shielding gasket manufacturer Vanguard Products Corporation, Danbury, CT USA, announces the opening of its new engineering support and applications development office in Shanghai, China.

Vanguard (Shanghai) Electronic Material Co., Ltd 钒价德(上海)电子材料有限公司, will provide technical support and development for our extensive customer base on mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.  The office will work in close coordination with our distributor, EG (ShangHai) Commercial Co., Ltd, providing an unmatched level of engineering, development and commercial support in China for our products manufactured in the USA.

A strong technical presence in China and the Far East has always been a priority for Vanguard Products.  The high concentration of manufacturing in the electronics and telecom industries in China has presented us with the opportunity to devote extensive engineering and customer support resources in the area.   In conjunction with our distributor partner, we believe that we have established a presence in China that will best serve the growing demands of our China based customers and our domestic US customers who are specifying products for production within China. The location in the technology hotbed of Shanghai is ideal for this purpose.

Vanguard is looking forward to many years of success in this important market.


For Further Information Contact:

Mark Hansen, Sales & Marketing Manager, Vanguard Products, email:, Phone:  203-744-7265

Taylor Tang, Regional Technical Sales Representative, Vanguard (Shanghai) Electronic Material Co.,Ltd, 钒价德(上海)电子材料有限公司, Phone:  +86-13661873176, E-mail: