The Advantages of Electromagnetic Shielding, Including Silicone EMI Shielding Gaskets, in Electric Vehicles

By:  Merima Trako, Program Manager, Shielding And Thermal Composites, Vanguard Products Corporation

Electric vehicles (EVs) are shaping transportation’s future. One crucial aspect that deserves attention is electromagnetic shielding of the electrical systems within EVs. This may mean including silicone EMI shielding gaskets in the critical design areas. This sophisticated shielding technique, specifically with high-temperature and reliable silicone gaskets, plays a vital role in ensuring electric vehicles’ seamless operation while providing numerous benefits.

Application Challenges:

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) refers to the disturbance caused by electromagnetic radiation from various sources. Electric vehicles generate EMI from power electronics, control systems, electric motors, and charging systems. Silicone EMI shielding gaskets act as a barrier to both the environment and extraneous signals, effectively containing and reducing EMI levels, preventing potential interference with sensitive electronic components. The incorporation of silicone EMI shielding gaskets ensures optimal performance of electric vehicles without compromising their intricate systems.

Efficiency is a fundamental characteristic of electric vehicles. Unshielded electromagnetic fields can induce eddy currents, leading to energy losses and reduced efficiency. Silicone EMI shielding gaskets, when applied strategically, can effectively mitigate these unwanted currents, resulting in improved energy efficiency. By reducing energy losses, users can achieve extended driving range, reduced power consumption, and enhanced overall vehicle performance.

Safety is paramount in electric vehicle design and operation. There is a great deal of controversy on the effect of high frequency radiation on the human body. Regardless of the validity of the concerns, EMI shielding safeguards passengers from any potential harm to the human body due to electromagnetic radiation from the vehicle. Silicone gaskets function as a protective barrier, containing and redirecting electromagnetic radiation away from the passenger compartment. This shielding mechanism significantly reduces electromagnetic exposure, ensuring a safe and secure environment for vehicle occupants.

Another safety issue that EMI shielding gaskets address relates to signal integrity. Electric vehicles rely on various communication systems, including wireless connectivity, GPS, and sensor networks, for seamless operation. Unshielded electromagnetic radiation can interfere with these signals, leading to degraded performance and compromised data accuracy. Electromagnetic shielding, with silicone gaskets ensures reliable communication channels within critical systems. Silicone EMI gaskets effectively block and redirect electromagnetic interference, enabling uninterrupted signal transmission thus facilitating vehicle systems smooth and error free functioning.

As the electric vehicle industry evolves, regulatory standards have been put in place to ensure safety and reliability. Electromagnetic shielding, with the use of silicone gaskets, is a crucial aspect of meeting these compliance requirements. Electric vehicle manufacturers can incorporate effective shielding measures, including silicone gaskets, to adhere to international electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. By doing so, they guarantee that their products conform to established regulations and ensure vehicle electromagnetic integrity.



EMI shielding systems that incorporate the use of shielding gaskets are going to be an indispensable feature in the design and development of EVs. With its ability to minimize electromagnetic interference, enhance vehicle efficiency, ensure passenger safety, prevent signal interference, and achieve regulatory compliance, silicone gaskets may play a vital role in EV performance and reliability. As technology continues to advance, the continued integration and improvement of electromagnetic shielding techniques, including the use of silicone gaskets, may contribute to the sustainable growth and widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Vanguard Products Corporation, with its innovative Ultra-Vanshield conductive product line, is ready to partner with EV transportation companies in helping them achieve their signal security and energy efficiency goals. Our proprietary method of layering conductive material with a non-conductive silicone matrix is the future of EMI shielding, ensuring reliability and sustainability of EVs’ performance.


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