Growing Popularity of Silicone & EPDM Compounds in Architectural Sealing

Those of us following trends in the construction sector have been seeing a lot of positive news lately. Workers who are upgrading infrastructure can look forward to about two more months of road work, even as the busy summer season winds down. Commuters may not be pleased with the short-term disruptions caused by this effort, but it is a necessary and beneficial action to ensure long-term safety and reliability.

In addition to these public sector construction projects, residential building is also expected to continue to increase. In particular, multifamily housing units are in high demand, with construction projects growing more than 100% over the past 5 years. According to Charlie Stewart of DC Building Group, a rise in residential construction usually signals a rise in overall construction activity. And today, that seems to be the case as more office buildings, housing options, hotels, and retail spaces are being built.

Roofing Example

Sealed Shingle Roof

And all of this activity is heightening demand for EPDM compounds and silicone in architectural sealing applications. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a durable and flexible material often used in roofing due to its resistance to wear – even in extreme temperatures and climates. So as the seasons change, it’s an ideal option for roofing that needs to withstand temperature fluctuations.

At Vanguard Products, Inc., we’re seeing more lightweight clear span roofing systems that are using our silicone and EPDM sealing products because of their inherent resistance to UV aging and superior cold weather flexibility, along with the ability to color match.  They  are currently being used in installations such as sporting coliseums, water treatment facilities, sewage plants, and more. By using these weather resistant architectural seals, contractors can create buildings that are better insulated from outside temperatures, which can result in lower energy costs down the road.

To learn more about EPDM elastomers for architectural sealing, and the benefits of other materials like silicone, visit Vanguard Products online for a full product review.

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