Vanguards Product Corporation has stood true to its name. With cutting edge innovations in the field of high-quality elastomeric goods, it has always set industry precedents in terms of usability and safety of its wide range of products.

Dealing in both dense and sponge elastomeric forms, the myriad Vanguard products give new definitions to sealing, fluid transfer, shock absorption, heat transfer, and EMI/RFI shielding applications.


The newest addition to the Vanguard family of products is a special low compression deflection sponge version of our Ultra-Vanshield product with a high level of flame retardancy.  This product was developed in conjunction with our partners in Japan, Vanguard-Japan.  Its niche lies in high-performance commercial electronics for indoor purposes and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding for consumer equipment where ultra-low compression forces, high level shielding, and flame retardancy are key, such as backplanes and connectors.

Because of the mandates of its usage, this product with the highest level of flame retardancy commonly available in the industry.  The product is produced and listed under UL file number E31158 to the UL94V0 standard. Of the different classifications, UL94V0 offers the fastest level of flame extinguishing as certified by the industry leader in safety.

Vanguard is proud to announce the addition of this UL94V0 certification to its Ultra-Vanshield product line produced in Danbury, CT and at our sister company, Vanguard-Japan. This new certification adds to the current UL50/UL508/UL50E listing already in place for the Ultra-Vanshield product, providing our loyal clients and new customers alike with further affirmation of our drive to excel and grow over time.

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