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Wrapping Up 2016 with a 50th Anniversary Celebration

2016 was a milestone year in many ways, and for us, it marked 50 successful years in business. For half a century now, we’ve been providing full service manufacturing and engineering services to industries as diverse as electronics, construction, food and beverage production, and more. Over the years our capabilities have grown, and our commitment […]

Keeping Up with REACH Restrictions in the Chemical and Material Sector

Across the globe, regulations continue to change to meet the growing need for safety in the chemical and material market. The European Union, through its European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), has adopted the REACH regulation, which stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. Though REACH came into being back in 2007, regulations have continued […]

Should We Be Worried About the Safety of Wireless Electronic Accessories?

With the newest phone releases still getting mixed reviews in terms of functionality, one aspect that’s important to consider is safety. The biggest change arguably is the abandonment of the standard earbuds in favor of wireless ones – getting rid of the headphone jack altogether in the new model. For most people, the biggest drawback […]

What’s New with NASA’s Orion Project?

By now, most people are aware that efforts are underway to bring humans out of low Earth orbit, past the Moon, and on to Mars. But few people are aware of the extensive research and testing that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the safety of astronauts on those future missions. In order to […]

The Importance of Non-Leaching Materials in Water Treatment Applications

Now that we’ve reached the start of summer, one thing that’s on most people’s minds is water. Whether you’re heading to the local pool or reaching for a cool beverage, this time of year, you can never seem to have enough water. But how can municipalities ensure the safety of their water? Any water that’s […]

Eliminating Harmful BPA from the Food & Beverage Industry

As food and beverage processing continues to evolve, there’s a focus on flexible, durable products that can withstand pressure and protect the products inside. For this reason, plastics are a common material for fluid conveyance and other parts used in processing. Bisphenol A, more commonly known as BPA, is a plasticizer used in products involved […]

The Rise of Home Brewing and the Need for Safety in Beer Production

As more people are turned on to natural foods and beverages and locally sourced products, we’re seeing a general rise in the number of home beer brewers. With craft beers becoming more popular and new flavor infusions coming out daily, it’s no wonder that people are inspired to create their own one-of-a-kind brews. In fact, […]

What Medical Designers Need to Know When Specifying “Medical Grade” Rubber Products

As Medical Design & Manufacturing West (MD&M West) fast approaches, we’re looking forward to educating attendees on what to be aware of when specifying rubber products for the medical field. We encourage medical designers to beware when specifying “medical grade” rubber products. The key is to understand the intended use of the product before specifying […]

The Perils of Over Specifying Tolerances on Rubber Products

Determining and specifying the manufacturing tolerances for various manufactured parts is a vitally important step in product design. The purpose is to ensure that each part will fit and work efficiently when put together as a unit. If one piece is too large, or if two pieces are too close together, it can completely throw […]

Preparing and Inspecting Heating Systems for Winter

As the temperatures begin to steadily drop, home and business owners’ thoughts turn to the readiness of the systems in their buildings to deal with the rigors of winter.  It is important for everything from your furnace  and hot water heater  to your snow blower to work at a moment’s notice to avoid the bitter […]