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Reshoring Manufacturing: Why It Simply Makes Sense

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According to a survey earlier this year[1], 26% of the nation’s employers plan to reshore jobs by the end of 2014; companies from Apple to Ford to Walmart are once again investing in America, returning their business to U.S. soil. The trend is known as reshoring, and it’s taking on momentum in a major way. […]

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We’re Hitting the Road – Past and Future Trade Show Success

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As a manufacturer, there’s a lot more to being successful than simply producing quality products. Of course that’s a huge aspect of it, but it’s not everything. In order to be truly successful and provide the most value to your customers, it’s critical to get out there, interact with your industry peers, and constantly learn […]

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Vanguard Knows: Hearing (clearly) is Believing!

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If you have ever been to a concert or sporting event in an arena or outdoor stadium, you know how important a quality sound system is. If you cannot hear the music, or the announcer, it can ruin a long planned and oftentimes expensive outing. When it comes to size, these systems are often massive […]

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Providing for the Public Safety: Elastomeric Seals and Shielding

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At Vanguard, we serve a variety of industries with our expertise in elastomeric goods.  One industry we are particularly proud to be a part of is different applications of products for public safety.  For places where dependable and durable elastomers and reliable sealing are necessary, our products are one of the tools that these customers […]

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Sealing Solutions for Winter Weather

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If you’re like most people, once Thanksgiving hits, we know that the winter months are finally here, and the need for “winterizing” the house heads to the top of the to-do.  Hopefully you’ve already taken some preliminary steps to save on energy and heating bills, and make your home cozy for the colder months.  One […]

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Vanguard Products Goes to Broadway

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Out of all of the different places that you might expect to find our products, we bet we have an example of one place that will surprise you:  the set of a Broadway play.  That’s right – a few years ago, Vanguard was contacted by a set designer for a big project for the set […]

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The Implications of Air Quality

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Air quality is a widely used metric in a variety of portions of our lives. Its composition, particulates, and purity are all of concern for several applications – weather services regularly measure the air in a variety of ways to gather information about our atmospheric conditions and pollution levels; hospitals monitor the quality of the […]

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Vanguard Products and Gourmet Delights

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With the winter weather come thoughts of tropical climates and 80⁰ getaways.  For many of us, that means plans to take cruises.  With these plans come thoughts of the gourmet foods that, safely aboard, we can sample (or in some cases, over-sample at the expense of a few pounds) around the clock.  Invariably, thoughts about […]

Vanguard Blog – Rubber Sealing for Naval Electronics


Among many things to be proud of about our state, Connecticut serves as home to some of the largest maritime defense bases and manufacturers in the United States. While there are many bases from which U.S. subs operate, the Naval Submarine Base at New London has been given the simple and telling moniker, “Home of […]

EMI Shielding Gaskets and Vanguard

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At Vanguard, we know a thing or two about EMI shielding and conductive gaskets. Customers from around the world come to us not only because they’ve learned how no one does EMI shielding quite as well as Vanguard, but because our shielding gaskets can be cost-effectively customized to your exacting requirements. Sizes range from 0.010 […]

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