The Benefits of Silicone Over Other Elastomer Materials

Elastomers are more commonly known as rubber products, and are used in a very wide range of industries. Their well-known flexibility makes these materials ideal for creating seals and other formable products that can be used in industrial settings, as well as medical settings. But with the many elastomer options out there, what makes one better than another?

Rubber Silicone Extrusions

Examples of Rubber Silicone Extrusions

Depending on the desired application, certain elastomeric materials will have properties more in line with what you need. Silicone rubber in particular is an excellent choice for numerous jobs because it continues to perform well even under extreme conditions. For example, in your personal life you may have noticed that a common rubber band will lose elasticity and become brittle in cold temperatures. This can lead the band to snap when it’s supposed to stretch. Silicone can withstand much lower temperatures than many other materials without compromising it’s flexibility. It also does well in high heat conditions. So for applications that involve high or low temperatures, or both, silicone is a good choice.

Similarly, silicone is flame retardant and can therefore be used in settings where flammability may be an issue. In the consumer electronics sector for example, you’ll want to use materials that will self extinguish quickly. This makes silicone ideal for sealing or joining components in computers and small appliances.   It’s also great for cooking products like commercial ovens and food carts, and for the automotive industry where exposure to high temperatures is common.

And because of silicone’s permeability and durability, the material is also uniquely suited for the medical device industry. It is frequently used for medical implants, drug delivery systems, and wearable devices. It can stay securely in or on the body without breaking down, while at the same time allowing the appropriate substances to flow freely through the material.

The applications for silicone tubing and sealing are endless. For more information about the industries that benefit most from this product, visit our page about Rubber/Silicone Extrusions. We are a trusted manufacturer of silicone elastomers with an ISO 9001:2008 Certified facility. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about these products. Feel free to call us at 203-744-7265 for additional information.

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