The NSF Mark is a big deal in the business world. You will find the mark on millions of the most highly regarded consumer, commercial, and industrial products in the world including bottle water, food equipment, water treatment products, appliances, and even pool and spa components.

At Vanguard, we are excited because we recently added more of our materials to our listings with NSF. These new materials are for use in food equipment and meet NSF’s standard 51. What this means is that now several of our materials are approved to be used at elevated temperature in commercial food processing and handling equipment like ovens, and refrigeration and holding equipment. The NSF recognized that our compounds are specifically formulated to be completely safe for food contact. They can handle high temps like in the case of steam and they are also resistant to degration from animal fats and cleaning chemicals.

This time around, we added 5 new silicone materials to our listing with NSF International. That brings Vanguard’s total number of NSF-51 listed materials to 10. It is big accomplishment to be recognized by such an outstanding international organization and it speaks to Vanguard’s continuing commitment to giving our customers the highest quality goods available. To learn more about all of our NSF approved materials, drop us a line or call today.

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