Vanguard: Reporting from the Front Lines of the 4G Revolution

At this moment on Earth, there are approximately 6 billion cell phones in operation. Of these six-odd billion, some 1.2 billion of these phones include mobile web access features. Already the mind goes into overdrive trying to comprehend the bandwidth needed for a wireless network of such dimensions. To cap it all off, with high-speed, digital 4G networks sprouting up overnight (and trans-globally), the wireless capacity of the world is ever more taxed to deliver better, faster, more broad ranging services for an ever-growing number of users.  While many figures in business, politics, and academia devote their careers to tackling the long-term need of increasing capacity, there are others who are caught up in the moment-by-moment race to deliver services at the pace at which they’re demanded.
Vanguard’s Ultra-Vanshield and Microbridge EMI shieldinggaskets are ideal for providing EMI shielding and weather sealing for the base station units that are critical to providing this increased level of service. These base stations are responsible for sorting through the boggling number of wireless operations (anything ranging from speech channels, to transmissions, to pages, to clear reception) occurring at any given moment in the ether.
Base sub-stations – BSS’s – transcode the actions of millions of cell phone users and incorporate them into the greater wireless cellular network. With the level of energy surging through these base sub-stations at any given hour of the day, there’s a matching need to provide protection from both within and without: within, to ensure signal clarity and interference free operation, and without to protect the units from outside unwanted RFI interference while providing substantial weather seal protection—a critical consideration in light of the places where the BSS is physically located, quite often in areas where the climatic elements are brutal, and the units are difficult to service.
At Vanguard Products, we manufacture standard customized, weatheright seals to protect base sub stations from malfunctioning. Our materials and handiwork can be found in BSS systems throughout world  in some of the most punishing outdoor environments you could name. With a reputation for military-grade reliability under all circumstances, our seals will keep your communications systems up and running far into this century.

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