Rubber and Silicone Tubing


The One-Stop Shop for Your Rubber and Silicone Tubing Needs

Vanguard Products’ custom compound formulations provide precise engineered performance and tight tolerance adherence, without breaking the bank.

We use special processes to manufacture unblemished, round tubing in a variety of hardness from very soft (20 Shore A) to stiff (85-90 Shore A) with wall thicknesses as low as 0.010”. Vanguard’s high-precision, cost-efficient, and ISO 9001:2015–certified production facilities create products at the greatest levels of quality and efficiency.

In addition to manufacturing bulk extrusion, we also provide cost-effective secondary operations such as cutting, bonding, and O-ring fabrication.

Typical Applications for Rubber and Silicone Tubing

Many industries and applications use rubber/silicone tubing for applications ranging from toys and glassblowing tools to aquatic sport equipment and fitness machines. However, the most prominent uses of rubber and silicone tubing are in the medical, commercial food appliance, small consumer appliance and fluid handling fields.

Surgical Tubing

Rubber/silicone tubing is highly durable, flexible, tear and temperature resistant, sterilizable, and biocompatible. These properties make it ideal for use in noninvasive surgical tubing, which requires a chemically resistant, nontoxic, and hypoallergenic material for use in applications like:

  • Surgical smoke evacuators
  • Respirators, CPAPs, and nebulizers
  • Pneumatic exhaust hoses
  • Surgical drains
  • Equipment seals and gaskets
  • Fiberoptic cable sheathes
  • Peristaltic pumps

Medical applications commonly require special certifications, such as USP-VI, which we manufacture using continuous extrusion and vulcanization processes. These types of tubing provide excellent life in contact with fluids and contaminants over a broad temperature range in a variety of medical settings.

Food-Grade Tubing

Food equipment manufacturers benefit from silicone’s inherent properties of performance over a broad temperature range, durability, and flexibility. Its odorless, tasteless, and inert qualities make food-grade silicone tubing the go-to solution for dispensing and mixing of food and beverage products such as:

  • Beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages
  • Hot liquids
  • Dairy products
  • Baby formula
  • Sauces
  • Soft Drinks and Juices
  • Purified/Filtered water

The non-toxic qualities of silicone tubing as well as its temperature and tear resistance allow it to meet FDA requirements food contact, along with applications requiring NSF certification.

Other Common Applications of Silicone and Rubber Tubing

In addition to its uses in medical and food contact applications, Vanguard’s rubber and silicone tubing have been used in many applications and industries throughout the world. Vanguard has vast experience in designing and manufacturing components in end uses that include:

  • Washers and seals for electronics and electrical equipment
  • Architectural and window seals
  • Electrical connector seals and sheathes
  • Fiber optic sheathes
  • HVAC condensate drains and sensing tubes
  • Automotive electrical enclosures and weather seals
  • Outdoor electrical enclosures
  • Outdoor cellular telecommunications enclosures
  • Water purification tubing
  • Aerospace and military fluid conveyance
  • Dairy fluid-handling tubing
  • Peristaltic tubing
  • Small appliance heater tubing
  • Humidifier tubing
  • Wastewater sampling tubing
  • Composite thermoforming
  • High-voltage insulation

Capabilities and Ranges for Rubber and Silicone Tubing

Vanguard designs all products to a range of industry requirements. Our production capabilities include:

  • Single, coextrusion, and triextrusion capabilities
  • Multi-lumen extrusion at varying hardnesses
  • Multiple material/color extrusion
  • Insert extrusion
  • Diameters of 0.010–3+ inches
  • Custom formulation for assets such as:
    • Mechanical properties
    • Chemical resistance
    • Temperature resistance
    • Thermal conductivity
    • Electrical conductivity
    • Color matching
  • Thicknesses of 0.010 inches or more
  • Bonding
  • O-Ring fabrication
  • Special put-ups
  • Special packaging
  • PSA application

Quality Tubing from Vanguard

Vanguard focuses on supplying the best tubing material to meet your needs. We manufacture rubber/silicone tubing that provides optimal performance in an extensive range of applications, industries, and environments.

Contact us today and allow one of Vanguard’s professional engineers evaluate your needs and provide you with the right solution.


Food Grade

  • Consistent With FDA Regulation 21CFR177.2600 For Food Contact
  • NSF-51 Certified
  • Animal Fat And Chemical Resistant
  • 3A

High TemperatureMedical Grade

  • USP-VI Compounds

MIL Spec.

    • ZZ-R-765
    • A-A 59588
    • AMS 3304
    • ASTM D2000 GE

IndustrialClosed Cell SpongeDense

  • 5-90 Shore A Durometer


Food Grade

  • Consistent With FDA Regulation 21CFR177.2600 For Food Contact

IndustrialClosed Cell SpongeDense

  • 50-90 Shore A Durometer

MIL Spec

  • NBC Compliant
  • ASTM D2000 AA, BA, And CA


MIL Spec./Aerospace Grade

    • MIL-R-25988
    • AMS-R-25988
    • ASTM D200 FK

Closed Cell SpongeDense

  • 30-90 Shore A Durometer

Nitrile/NBR/Buna N Elastomer


  • 60-90 Shore A Durometer


Fluorocarbon Elastomer

DenseClosed Cell SpongeASTM D2000 HK

Chloroprene (Neoprene) Elastomer


Epichlorohydrin Elastomer


  • Isoprene Elastomer
  • ASTM D2000 AA
    • Natural Rubber Elastomer
  • ASTM D2000 AA