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Silicone Door and Window Seals Keep Homes Warm and Cozy

Now that we are moving toward the chilly winter season, it is important to keep our homes well-guarded against wind, moisture, and colder air. Door and window seals have long been used to protect one’s house against severe weather conditions, and traditionally, these types of seals are made out of vinyl or PVC. However, due to its strong high- and low-temperature resistance and durability, silicone is increasingly being used for door and window seal applications.


Silicone works well in freezing, sub-zero environments, and remains rubbery even in temperatures as low as -70° Celsius. Therefore, even in the most extreme cold, silicone seals will maintain their suppleness and never crack or disintegrate. And, unlike PVC, silicone doesn’t shrink or age in ultraviolet light, maintaining its form in every weather condition.


Due to its resistance to oxidation, UV-exposure, and ozone, silicone has become a leading candidate for many outdoor functions, and will help keep your home warm and cozy during the wintery season. Vanguard Products offers a full spectrum of extruded rubbery gaskets, seals, and hoses that can be customized for a wide variety of applications. Contact our company today for more information about the benefits of using silicone door and window seals.

ASME Expo 2011 Explores New Energy Resources to Address Global Challenges

The American Society of Engineers (ASME) will be hosting their annual International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition in Denver, Colorado from November 11-17th. This premier global conference focuses on exploring new solutions for global challenges, and brings together engineers, scientists, and technologists of all disciplines to discuss important research topics and breakthrough innovations that are shaping the future of engineering.


The keynote topic for this year’s exposition is Energy and Water: Two Vital Commodities.  A panel of industry experts will explore the energy-water nexus, discussing how these fundamental commodities share a crucial interdependence. Other technical program tracks include, but are not limited to:

•    Dynamic systems and control
•    Fluids and thermal systems
•    Advances in aerospace technology
•    Heat and mass transport processes
•    Energy systems analysis, thermodynamics, and sustainability

The conference will also include a hands-on innovation workshop for both K-12 teachers and engineers, and will additionally feature a student design competition, where engineering pupils will submit their proof-of-concept prototypes for rain energy conversion. For more information about the ASME conference, check here.