As more people are turned on to natural foods and beverages and locally sourced products, we’re seeing a general rise in the number of home beer brewers. With craft beers becoming more popular and new flavor infusions coming out daily, it’s no wonder that people are inspired to create their own one-of-a-kind brews. In fact, even as the general market for beer is declining, we’re seeing a rise in demand for craft beers.

But before you get started, there’s a bit of research and investment that must be done. In addition to the necessary ingredients, the infrastructure for the entire process must also be carefully thought out and put together beforehand. And when choosing materials for any type of food or drink production, it’s vitally important to look for products that are designed for that particular use.

Silicone Tubing for Food and Bev
Translucent Silicone Tubing Next to Red Silicone Tube

Increasingly, we’re seeing demand for translucent tubing products, which allow brewers to keep an eye on fluid flow. And because our tubing products are manufactured domestically, customers know that they are not getting a product that will leach dangerous chemicals into the beer.

As an added measure of defense, we offer tubing products that are NSF-51 certified, which pertains to the safety of the product at elevated temperatures in contact with food and beverages. So even at high temperatures, brewers can rest assured that no dangerous toxins will contaminate the beverage. Since boiling is an important step in the brewing process, it is very important that home brewers are using NSF-51 products that are resistant to heat.

To learn more about food grade silicone products that can be used in home brewing, visit our site to view our capabilities.

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