Vanguard Products Goes to Broadway

Out of all of the different places that you might expect to find our products, we bet we have an example of one place that will surprise you:  the set of a Broadway play.  That’s right – a few years ago, Vanguard was contacted by a set designer for a big project for the set design of the play “Hairspray”.  The designer needed a huge set backdrop of a “wig” of material that would mimic the behavior (in light reflection, color, and “bounciness”) of hair.  After trading ideas with the designer, we came up with the shape, color, and material that would suit the project best, to both mimic the behavior of actual hair, and hold up under such a vast construction.

Several thousand feet of tubing and 2,250 lbs. later, the design came together as a unique and convincing piece, and one of our more unusual projects here at Vanguard.  You can find out more here from the set design company, and here for other interesting behind-the-scenes facts about the show.


hairspray 1

It’s not often our work is in the literal spotlight, and we thought it appropriate to highlight it here on our blog as well.  While most of the time our products do their jobs behind the scenes, whether in wiring,
gaskets, and other inner workings of electronics and machines, it was a welcome change to see our handiwork at center stage.  We love to explore the vast capabilities and applications that our products can provide – contact us today with your ideas about how we can make our products work for you.


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