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Vanguard Takes the Lead in Designing N/B/C-Resistant Shielding

  When given the acronym “NBC,” most Americans might be forgiven for flashing instantly to the media conglomerate that broadcasts hit shows such as “30 Rock” and the “NBC Nightly News.” But those who are in a certain line of work know an additional meaning for the acronym: “nuclear-biological-chemical.” Defense manufacturers and service-members alike realize […]

Insuring Galvanic Compatibility for Defense Electronics

In 1990, with the Soviet Union in its death throes, it seemed high time to begin stowing away some of the tens of thousands of tons of electronics the United States military had accumulated to fight the Cold War. At least, that was the line of thinking in the first half of the year. Then, […]

The Effects of Miniaturization of Applications on Components and Materials

It was not so long ago – most likely in a majority of our lifetimes – when the highest-performance computing machines of the day took up half the space of an entire large university, corporate, or government laboratory building. Consider the goliath-sized computer of the 50s and 60s, and then compare their computational power to […]

We Hope to See You at Aerocon in Fort Worth This March

This March 14 – 15 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, TX, you’ll find Vanguard Products tending Booth #137 at Aerocon, one of the foremost aerospace and defense industry exhibition shows in North America. We’re looking forward to connecting with new clients, getting in touch with old friends, and discovering more about […]

It’s Almost Time for MD & M

When most people hear the word, “Anaheim,” immediately they begin to think of Donald Duck, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and little else. But “Anaheim” has its own very specific connotations to Vanguard, and to many other product and materials manufacturers, assemblers, and distributors: namely, the MD & M Show, to be held this year at […]

ISO 9001-2008 Recertified for Our 6th Consecutive Year

Maintenance of standards – if the standards are high enough – is most likely a sign of progress. We at Vanguard Products are very pleased to announce our recertification in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 standards for the sixth successive year, the fifth year without findings.  We take this news in good stride as we enter […]

EMI Shielding Gaskets Suited for the Rugged Outdoors

Like it or not, the world is permeated with man-made electromagnetic interference (EMI).   Power cables and signal lines, high speed electronics, antennae and ground connections have tallied up to produce a noisy can negatively affect the day-to-day performance of the sensitive electronics we depend upon daily.  Now, add to these factors the raw harshness of […]

Following the Latest Developments in Multi-Gigahertz Gasket Technology

Oftentimes, we see an underlying trend throughout history where industrial technology trickles down from military to civilian use. Just to give you a few modern examples: the biplanes and triplanes of World War One became the first passenger planes of the 20s and 30s. The NAVSTAR military satellites that were launched into Cold War orbit […]

Silicone Door and Window Seals Keep Homes Warm and Cozy

Now that we are moving toward the chilly winter season, it is important to keep our homes well-guarded against wind, moisture, and colder air. Door and window seals have long been used to protect one’s house against severe weather conditions, and traditionally, these types of seals are made out of vinyl or PVC. However, due […]

ASME Expo 2011 Explores New Energy Resources to Address Global Challenges

The American Society of Engineers (ASME) will be hosting their annual International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition in Denver, Colorado from November 11-17th. This premier global conference focuses on exploring new solutions for global challenges, and brings together engineers, scientists, and technologists of all disciplines to discuss important research topics and breakthrough innovations that are […]